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We Click Speed Dating have since deleted their Google page and started a new one from scratch. This video however, shows what their Google page looked like before it was deleted.

We Click adding fake 5-star reviews on Google

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by Spaz on We Click

Tried their Greek speed dating and was not really impressed at all. The staff seemed confused and unsure of what the procedure of the night was. The people I met were not even all Greek which defeats the purpose doesn't it?

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by Loz on We Click
Nothing but a scam

The reason why We Click get so many bad reviews is because of their disgusting business ethics. I arrived at the bar 30 minutes early as i always arrive early. I got speaking to the host and he informed me there were not enough female tickets sold to he had called some of his lady friends to fill in the gaps. This is utterly disgusting. Although the fake ladies do not affect me, the fact that he called fill in ladies would ultimately mean he would've/could've called his male friends as fill ins too. I went there a few months back and there were 8 ladies vs 9 men from memory even though their website guarantees 10-12 at every event. We want to meet genuine people but buying a ticket to a We Click event means you are paying to meet people who are not there to meet someone but instead are helping their host friend fill in the gaps? I have tried Melbourne speed date and they had 16 ladies vs 15 men. You do the math.

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by Amanda on We Click

We click are frauds. They add fake events on their website in all cities in Australia and label the events as 'sold out' just to bullsh!t the public into thinking they are a big company that sell out quick. They are not. They are small, dirty and scummy and run by a chauvinistic pig named [name removed]. If they are so popular, then why aren't the Melbourne events selling out like every other event in all other states? I'll tell you why. Because they are bullsh!t fake events. I cannot stress this enough that the owner is a sleazy pig.

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by Jane on We Click

Crap event with crap people. The host was rude and disorganised. The men were gross and they were lacking on the numbers. Better ones out there that don't screw you over and lie about how many people they get at their events.

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by Josh on We Click

God awful business. They are complete liars. I've been to their woeful speed dating and it was just disgusting with gross people and a seedy host. I've tried others and this business here is at the bottom.

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