Speed Dating Australia – Sydney

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by Stormy Daniels on Speed Dating Australia - Sydney
Watch out the owners are [word removed]

Do not engage with this business! If you have ANY problem with them they will harass, defame and abuse you. If you leave a negative review they will blackmail and abuse you into taking it down by creating a nasty webpage about you with all your personal details on it. This husband and wife duo (Neil and Roxy) even have children and they still think this behaviour is acceptable instead of addressing genuine consumer concerns (feedback about matches and the running of events, and refunds). They think anyone who has a problem with their business is the problem instead of looking in the mirror.

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So many people and very little time. They really do try to cram everyone into one room and move us along like cattle. I don't even remember anyone from the night. Not good as a first timer

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Not as bad as everyone is saying

Not as bad as all the reviews are saying. Way too many dates though i think i counted 17 and the time if too short. Was very exhausted by the end of it and i did not received a single match 🙁 will try again next year

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Really bad

These events are shocking. I've been to a few and they seem to cram as many people in as they can so that they can rake in the money and give us a convayer belt event. Timer was too fast and the venue was poorly lit up. Won't be using them again. Better ones out there

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Will go again

Didn't really like how the night was ran. The host seemed scattered and unsure of what to do. Few people were late and it delayed the event by 20 minutes. My dates were nice. Happy to give them another go

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