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Appalling customer service - DO NOT USE

I booked in for a speed dating event weeks in advance with a friend, and the day before it was cancelled. Naturally, I asked for a refund as the event had been cancelled, I had not cancelled. I had to send another email, chasing up a refund, to which I got a flat "we don't do refunds, we will give you credit for 12 months". Now I sent a third email, explaining that I was going with a friend and we had conflicting schedules, and due to my age (24) there were limited events I could go to at all, and that I would like a full refund. Two weeks later, I still hadn't received a reply to I sent my fourth email, explaining that the company's customer service was appalling, they had cancelled on me, I couldn't attend the upcoming events, and it had literally been weeks trying to sort this out and that I wanted a full refund. Instead of receiving anything useful, I got a reply commenting on 1 sentence from my overall email that was entirely irrelevant, she may as well have not replied at all. I emailed them twice as a follow up the same day (as finally I had gotten a reply), asking to be passed onto someone else that would read my whole email, and still no one bothered to reply. Please note that there is no address or phone number for this company, only an email address that is clearly hardly used.

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Below Average

Their events are below average at best. No good looking men attended.

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Fast and efficient

Very well organized and a lot of people. I've tried Snap Dating and We Click and they both majorly failed compared with Melbourne speed dating. I was exhausted by the end but none the less, money was well spent.

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Bad, very bad.

Cancelled an event without notifying me. I found out once I arrived to the address only to find out no one was there. Sent an email to a gmail account and they have not responded. Terrible stay away.

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Too many people

Probably the worst I've tried out of 2 others that I've tried in Melbourne. They try to cram as many people into the event as possible which makes it hard to remember anyone and in turn makes it no different than tinder. I'll go back to the other company thanks that is slightly cheaper anyways

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