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Sydney’s best events for singles!

Just wanted to thank the team at Encounter Dating. You are first and foremost great host, offer a unique setting where singles can interact in an open environment free of bells and moving from one table to another. There are also some really great prizes up for grabs. Please hold more events.

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by Sarah on Encounter Dating
Low quality

Quite a trashy business. Low quality service and events. Hosts do not even care about the people at the events. I was with my girlfriend when we asked a few questions about the night and we were dismissed and moved along.. Very poor and to be quite frank, extremely rude.

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by Richo on Encounter Dating
bad service

It really is a shame to attend an event only to arrive and not be on the list and even though i printed the email out. After that embarrassment, everything went downhill from there. Aweful and will not be return

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by Helen on Encounter Dating
Low quality

Terrible events. This is just another one of those small businesses that don't know what they are doing. I've been to others are recommend others over this business as they are simply ran better.

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by Justyn on Encounter Dating
Was ok

Meh! Was ok. Wasn't what I expected. First time I've tried anything like this and I didn't feel any of the excitement as other people did as I've read on other reviews about other mobs.

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