Cityswoon Sydney

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Enjoyable evening

Lovely night, lovely venue, lovely people! Easy to find and venue staff were professional. Tinder is just horrible and although you must use an app, it's not the same. I've recommended to friends and would try this again. Cheers!

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by George on Cityswoon Sydney
Better than others

This is better than traditional speed dating that don't offer you unlimited drinks. The app is easy to use and its as good as tinder. Good venue.

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Over priced but enjoyable

I've been to a Cityswoon event a few weeks ago and I've also tried a competing business that was half the ticket price. Although Cityswoon were more expensive, I quite liked how the event was held. Both events were equally enjoyable but I cannot get passed the high price tag of a Cityswoon event. The men at both events were equally nice.

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by Kennedy on Cityswoon Sydney

Great night and fun to attend an event like this. Don't really like the idea of the smart phone and don't like being on the phone when I'm out but when in Rome.. I have 2 out of the unlimited drinks which seemed to be wasted on me. I didn't get any nibbles type food but i may have not seen it.

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by Jascinta on Cityswoon Sydney
Very expensive

It just wasn't really worth the money that you pay. A very expensive night could've been better spent eating out with my girlfriends. The men were low quality. 1 particular date mentioned he wanted to get married as if he read that in a book of things to say when you're on a first date! The 'experienced' host was not experienced at all. Very disappointed with the night overall.

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