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by Teresa H on Cityswoon Perth
Worst speed dating experience

I attended a speed dating event that was organised by Cityswoon on Sat 29th June 2019. On the night, no one who seemed to be operating the event was around, and it was 15 minutes after the event had begun when I approached the bar staff. At that point a woman came to me & said that she was the organizer & that the event was in a different room. She commented that the events were run from Sydney, & they didn't know what the weather was going to be like in Perth. The dates commenced in a disorganized way (standing arounnd) & most of my 4 dates were outside of the age range that was specified which I later have found they have a 'leeway of 2 years'. One of my dates was female as a guy hadn't shown up, & during that date a gentleman rudely interrupted us by saying he was going to wait for the woman & had no interest in any other women. I addition to this it appeared one of the 'dates' wasn't even a member of Cityswoon however this was allowed. I left halfway through because there was little point in my staying, however the company refused to refund me, however I believe that at the rate they were charging and the fact I had to spend 1.5 hours waiting in Northbridge on my own feeling unsafe for my friends to finish their movie so I could be taken home is enough reason to be given a refund.This company's aware I am making this complaint, & are happy to discuss but I paid $90 for this, it's way too much for how absolutely this company didn't provide what their service states.

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by Emma on Cityswoon Perth
Great concept

Loved it! The app was easy to use, found my dates, had so many drinks (whoops), overall it was a great night out. Luckily i didn't have to work the next day! I've tried the normal speed dating and it too is a great night out. This concept is just different (and expensive). Didn't meet any one i liked but fun none the less!

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