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Hated it

What a rip off. They just match you with people that are already there. They don't go by what you writ on your profile or anything. Just trying to charge a bucket load and say thay are matching you

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Good to meet new people

Very expensive but well worth it with the unlimited drinks! I accidentally got a little drunk at the event and had a ball ^^ If you want to try something other than online dating then I suggest you give this a go

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Better than online dating

Had a great time meeting new people! The duration dates were a bit too long and the food wasn't that nice either but this is so much better than online dating that is 100% for sure

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by Allison on Cityswoon Melbourne
Not my thing

I went to a matched speed dating events with city swoon. I enjoyed myself but didn't like the venue as it was too dark. Men were great to chat with. Didn't make use of the free pouring drinks though as i work 9-5 and cannot be groggy at work. Tried it once, won't try it again.

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Did not like it

It's been a while since I went to CitySwoon's "matched" speed dating night but still feel I should share my experience. Once i arrived to venue, I needed to check into the event by clicking a link that came to me via text. Then I had to log into the website to see a picture of first date which was fine at the start. But then for each date, I needed to click the link and log into the website/app again to see my next dates and that is where the issues were. Not only did we have missing men at the event but the men that were there were having issues with logging in as well. So much time was wasted with the stupid logging in which made us more frustrated and tensed rather than relaxed and on a date. It was overall a frustrating experience as the men were clearly not my match at all. Even though I'd written "no marriage" on my Cityswoon profile, I had 2 men state they wanted to get married!

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