Highest rated and most trusted in Adelaide

  • Amourlife Adelaide

    4 stars
    Amourlife have been around since 2014 and offering Australia’s only speed dating + online dating service. Having the cheapest speed dating in Melbourne at $30, they don’t stand out that much but more importantly, they aren’t bad like some others either! Author rating of 4 stars. There are no customer reviews as yet.

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Average rated

  • CitySwoon Adelaide

    3.9 stars
    Adelaide’s most expensive and non traditional speed dating events. After you create a profile on their website, CitySwoon claim they use an algorithm to match the speed daters on the night. To attend, you must use a smart device and burry your face in it whilst looking for your dates at the venue. With a massive, $89 ticket price, i don’t think i will return. Author rating of 3.9 stars. Customers have also left reviews.

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Poorly rated

  • Speed Dating Australia - Adelaide

    1.9 stars
    Speed Dating Australia started a company back in 2004 and was servicing every state in Australia until the company went bust however, they are still operating under the same name and creating speed dating events in 6 different states. They have been accused of cancelling speed dating events without notifying the speed daters, poor numbers at their events and speed daters have been over all dissatisfied with the service. Author rating of 1.9 stars. Customers have also left reviews.

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